Thursday, April 18, 2013


I should have posted this months ago but I will say I have been busy. At what? Who knows exactly, but time always seem to drift off somewhere, slipping through my hands before everything is crossed off the to-do list. Is it just me or does everyone else feel that, no matter what, the sink, garbage and laundry baskets are always full?! are some things I suggest you Do-Go-See.

Do - Schedule family pictures. I try to do it professionally once a year. When planning ours, I like to change the season in which we have them done with each year. This time I really wanted to go for a winter scene. Being that we live in upstate New York I thought this would a piece of cake. However the majestic winter scene I envisioned was hard to come by, the weather was not cooperating. I mean when you want it to snow it doesn't and when you are waiting so patiently for the warm weather to get here, where is it? It was a beautiful day today, but I threw my sock at the TV when Glen Johnson told me it was going to be 45 on Saturday. I digress. After re-scheduling about 13 times for our winter scene, we finally were able to get things done. We worked with a wonderful photographer-Hilary Argentieri. She was warm, pleasant, patient, and great with my girls. We all really enjoyed the experience. On my do list, contact Hilary, you wont regret it. See her work here and below!!

Go- To Highland Park, that is where we headed for the said photo shoot. What a great gem right here in our back yard. They have a beautiful sunken garden, the Highland Bowl, and the Lilac Festival (coming soon). These are all parts of the park that you all might be well aware of, as I was.

See- The Lamberton Conservatory. If you go to Highland Park you need to see the new (to me) hidden gem I found in The Lamberton Conservatory. It almost feels like a stay-cation; Tropical plants, floral wonders, turtles, ponds.
No silly we are not in Arizona, we are here in Rochester, in February!




Here is the winter scene I was going for, but now I am ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Bright Side

Would you rather drive 16 hours to Hilton Head by yourself (as far as only adult) with a 5 and 3 year old OR stand in front of your full length mirror trying on bathing suits in March as you look outside at the delicate, pristine snowflaskes gently hit the ground? Neither, aw come on, where is your sense of adventure? Ok, ok, flip a coin, not sure what to choose? I will try to look on the bright side of both.

1. I am going on Spring Break! Maybe that statement doesn't carry the same allure as it may have back in the college days. Ahh, I still remember my friend Shannon and I hopping in the car with no plan, no reservations and drove 24 hours straight through to Florida. Upon arrival we drove up and down the strip to find any hotel that had the florescent glow of Vacancy. This time, I am driving 16 hours on the open road with my new partners in crime, Kate and Emma, we are all super excited and it will be great memory-making! I do have a few tricks up my sleeve just to make sure the ride goes as smoothly as, well, any 16 hour car ride with two kids under 6 can.
Here is my travel tip.
  • I have prepared goody bags to give to the girls each hour of the trip. Nothing elaborate, however just enough to keep them excited as each hour approches and keep them occupied as each minute passes. For example one hour they will get gold fish and silly putty (they have never used Silly Putty before)
2. Bright side of trying on bathing suits as it is 19 degress and snowing outside? For this one I had to dig a little deeper to find that bright side. This is what I came up with.
  • I am going on Spring break people. I will be out of the snow and 19 degree weather soon! So keeping my mind occupied with that thought will keep my mind off the realization that I am wearing a bikini right now. Well not literally right now as I am typing-that would be weird. But  the fact that it is never fun trying on bathing suits.

Hope everyone looks on the bright side each day!!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Boo, I am in a rut. Unfortunately this is not a rut of late; this seems to be a rut that started since (whisper) I became a mom. Why the whisper? It is NOT in any way, shape or form that I regret becoming a mom. I wanted to be a mom, I LOVE my kids, and they are my life. But maybe that is a little teeny, tiny bit of the problem. They are my life. Don’t take that the wrong way. I hope that I can better explain myself. Let me give you a little back story.

Here is the cliff notes version of my life

Act 1 - Start Here

I grew up in a loving household with supportive parents. I enjoyed school, had success in sports, took the smart kid classes and had (still have) great friends. My dad was my #1 fan; there was no shortage of praise from him. He and my mom thought I could conquer the world and accomplish anything I set my mind to. And I thought it too!!

Act 2 - Next Step

College was no different. Played sports, more great friends, I had a coveted bartending job at a campus hot spot and I held leadership positions at my college. Back then I often saw myself holding a leadership position in my future, I enjoyed assuming that role. I imagined somewhere on the local level such as local politician-mayor of the town in which I lived.

Act 3 - Here I exist

I am not sure what happened, or how my vision for myself changed. Fast-forward to present day, married with two children. Again, don't get me wrong, I enjoy my life. However I pretty much struggle daily with feelings of inadequacy. I feel as though I am not doing enough, being enough, making the impact I thought I would.

Each Friday I go to dinner with my dad and I have had this conversation with him. What is my identity? What am I destined to do/achieve/accomplish? How am I going to change the world or my little part of the world? He feels terrible hearing me say this and he replies that I am doing a wonderful job raising two sweet, kind little girls and that should be my focus at this time. Which ok, fine but there is enough time to do that and make a larger impact beyond just my family. I tell my students don't just exist within these four walls. Be bigger, be more, do more than just exist. However I feel that is what I am doing, just existing. I have used being a mom as an excuse to have no time to do anything else. I feel that I have not focused in on any one thing to be great at any one thing. Since becoming a mom five years ago, I feel as though I have lost part of my own identity, I have put myself into a little box labeled "mom".

Act 4 – So Now What?

I recently gave the eulogy at my friend's father’s funeral. In all honesty the passing of one life makes you think about your own. Unfortunately at this point I feel I have not been the person I want to be, made the impact that I want to make, that I thought I would be making in life. I wake each day waiting for a sign, waiting for something to hit me, getting that Aha moment.

So now what? Time to re-focus and lay out some plans for my life and start being the person I desire and envisioned so long ago. Stop using the excuse that I am too busy. Because you know what, everyone is busy. I need to make time for the things I am passionate about again and show my daughters how to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  Teach them by modeling for them how to make a difference and support things they believe in, chase their dreams, achieve their goals, and have passions. Be leaders, do not just exist.

Ok, therapy session over. Today’s take away, don’t just exist. Don’t let yourself be defined by one label.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Several ways to...wear a brooch

Do you have a piece of jewelry that was passed down from a grandmother or great aunt? And has that said piece been sitting lonely in your jewelry box because you could not part with it for sentimental reasons? Or have you been given a gift by a friend or loved one but never knew how to use it? Today I am talking brooches. Time to look in the waaay back of your jewelry box and bring out some of those things that you have not worn. Let them see daylight.
Here I show several ways to wear a brooch.

Here I add it to a hat.

Here I had a 6 strand necklace and offset the brooch to add a little something extra.

Added to this pashmina to keep it secure and keep warm.

Hide the plain button on the back of this backless dress.

Finally same dress but added it to a fabric belt on the front.

The possibilities are endless.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Made in the USA

Ok remember my 30 day buy American challenge? Well I have still been like a kid at Christmas checking the mail everyday waiting for more items to come in. Yay, arrival!!

Stacking bracelets is a trend I am sure you have all seen in magazines, on TV and available to purchase in stores.
I got mine from 3 great American vendors
3DivasStudios out of Richmond, VA
FrostedWillow out of Boston, MA
YuniKelley Designs out of Logan, UT

Do your part, support local when you can!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

See your impact

During our Christmas break I was cleaning out various spots in the house getting things ready for donating. The girls were off in another room doing what I assumed was playing. I went to check on them and saw about 8 bags full of various items--books, toys, clothes, pictures they drew, etc. I inquired as to what they were doing and Kate replied she was getting things ready to donate to her friends. My heart melted. She had a bag made for each of her friends at her babysitters and wrote their name on the bag of toys and books she prepared for them.
It was so cute. I explained to her while this was extremely generous, we should organize some things to donate to children that are less fortunate and do not have toys or books.
She really wanted to give the items to her friends, so I found this great organization called See Your Impact ( in which you can make a donation and a picture ad story is sent to you showing who and how your donation help. I told Kate that we can make a new friend by giving them something they need.
We searched the site and she found something that she was interested in doing. We donated to the Boys and Girls Club and several weeks later I received an email with a picture of this guy, Joel (on the right). With a brief bio of him and how we helped
Feel inspired and see where your impact can be felt!!



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sew a Snood

Several weeks ago my friend Becky over at The Fluff Report mentioned a Snood in one of her posts. Right around the same time my kids got The Lorax movie. Within the story, a guy creates a Snood-a simple circle scarf that everyone had to have. Similar to the infinite scarves you see every where.
Well me being me, I had to try to make my own.
I took an old sweater and cut the sleeves off. I then cut the neck straight across. Next step, sew up the holes made by the sleeves. Do not fear this project or think it is daunting. I was in the process of writing I am not a sewer. Then I realized the word is seamstress. So see I am not one of those. Super simple and turned super cute if I do say so myself.